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Our Vision Statement

"To be a safe and supportive community where young people are valued and develop skills for life"

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  • Mr A. Dingwall

    Andrew Dingwall

    Deputy Headteacher, Blairgowrie High School

    We value our partnership with SCYD and appreciate the support they provide for our young people. SCYD provide engaging, universal youthwork experiences and activities along with supporting work around educational engagement, employability and diversity. Partnerships work when organisations have shared goals and commitment to ensuring positive outcomes and that describes well the partnership between SCYD and Blairgowrie HS.

  • Craig Brown

    Craig Brown

    Deputy Headteacher, Rattray Primary School

    This year Rattray and SCYD have worked in close partnership to help support our transition programme for children moving from Primary School to High School. The team have led whole school assemblies and lunch time clubs, looking at themes that help to build both community and resilience. The team have shown their commitment to our young people in their flexible and “let’s work together” approach.

  • Gillian Charleson

    Gillian Charleson

    Careers Advisor, Skills Development Scotland

    As Scotland’s national careers service delivering information, advice and guidance to individuals of all ages across the country SDS frequently relies on the support of local partners to ensure that we can respond to the needs of our customers in a timely and flexible way. Our Careers Advisers have been working with SCYD for many years and really value the support they give us to meet our shared goals.

  • Mrs Leah Breen

    Mrs Leah Breen

    Parent of SCYD Youth Member

    Christopher has been coming to SCYD for about 4 years. This has helped with his socialising as he often stayed home and played on his computer but now he enjoys meeting people and joining in. He loves going on the trips and doing team building activities.

  • Latisha


    16 years old

    SCYD is a great for hanging out with friends. If it wasn’t around I would possibly just stay at home. It has helped me to be a calmer person.

  • Chrissy


    16 years old

    I have been coming to SCYD for over 5 years now. I have loved meeting new friends. I would most likely just be at homing playing on my PlayStation or footy if I didn’t go to SCYD.

  • Josef


    14 years old, SCYD Youth Member

    SCYD has been a good place to relax and chill out with my mates. The people who work here are sound!

    Want to Get Involved?

    If you are interested in joining our team and would like to volunteer please get in touch with Kimby by email at ktosh@scyd.org.uk or call 01250 872121.